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5 Reasons why we Love Sushi

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Why do you think we love Japan so much? If you’ve never been you should definitely check it out. You will find it hard to get around Tokyo without getting lost, but you will have the best time of your life. You can buy almost anything from vending machines that litter the street. It’s the only country where the toilets are more technologically advanced than the computer you used to have a few years ago. What else do we love about Japan besides vending machines and toilets?

The food is definitely the complete opposite of what we normally like to eat, but for some reason we find sushi fascinating. It’s become hugely popular all over the world, so you no longer need to be in Japan to experience it. Why on earth do we enjoy eating raw fish? I could understand if we were stuck on a desert island, but we’re not. We have access to every type of food in the world, so let’s try and look into some of the reasons why sushi is so popular.

There is so much variety

There are so many different things you can choose from when you eat sushi. Even if you don’t like everything on the menu you will find something that tastes great. If you happen to like any kind of sushi you will never get bored. There are also lots of nice sauces like soy and wasabi that you can dip your food in, but just make sure you go easy on the wasabi if you don’t want to burn your mouth.

It’s very healthy

You can’t get much healthier than raw fish and veg. The rice maybe isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but it will give your body the energy it desperately needs. If you’re looking to lose weight and stay in excellent shape then you won’t find a better meal to eat. The only trouble is eating it regularly because if you like good sushi it does get a little expensive.

Closer to home

Some people can’t stomach raw fish, but you don’t need to eat any in order to have sushi. There are plenty of western versions that use seafood you’re more used to. If you really wanted to you could also use roasted chicken instead of fish. I guess the main takeaway is that you always have an option available no matter what your stomach can handle.

We get to use chopsticks

There is something magical about using chopsticks. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to picking food up with a fork and we enjoy using something else. Never mind the fact most of us can’t even use chopsticks. If you love sushi and eat it all the time you will become a master with them in no time. Soon you will be able to use them to eat a bowl of rice.

It’s served differently

We are used to going to a restaurant and sitting with a plate of food in front of us. When you go to a sushi restaurant it can be a little different because you sit down next to a conveyor belt. Amazing chefs then roll some sushi and stick it up on the conveyor belt which goes around in a circle and passes in front of you. When you want more food you just reach down and pick it up.

Have you tried it yet?

If you haven’t tried sushi yet, I hope you’ve decided you will after reading about how great it is. You can always start with something cooked before making your way up to raw fish. If you already love sushi please let us know in the comments what your favorite is.

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Today’s guest post is contributed by Phil Hughes. He is a complete foodie and claims that the Sushi in Nashville is on par with the dishes made in Japan. He is also a keen blogger and writes about various recipes on various blogging sites.



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