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Cooking with Julia Childs

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7 Unusual but tasty Cupcake Flavors

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choco cup cake

Gone are the days when cupcakes were mere plain things meant to make cake-making easier and convenient. They are all about making a style statement now. Cupcakes are the new black. Cupcakes are also the new crazy. That’s right, outrageous cocktails, food or even clothing, are so last century. Behold seven of the most outrageous cupcakes, which- we’re pretty sure- feature on the bucket list of every daring foodie.

1)   Garlic Cupcakes

Too much garlic in any food makes us feel like some Van Helsing is trying to get us by our throats. But when nicely done, it is an awesome and integral part of any food, even cupcakes! Don’t drop your jaws halfway through the earth just yet. This garlic cupcake comes with a surprising but flawless blend of chocolate and coffee. You can take our word for it; in no way does the garlic overpower the taste buds or incense the palette.

2)   Coca-Cola Cupcakes

Coke’s yummy sweet syrupy flavor finds its way into many desserts and countless cocktails. Therefore it is only natural someone did the world a huge favor and invented this interesting little cherry coke cupcake, infused with the other favorite chocolate. If Coca-Cola lovers are a classic example of consumer loyalty, then this cupcake is their Nobel Prize.

3)   Tea and grapefruit Cupcakes

Here’s an unusual and intriguing concept, with a good dose of multinational. Acidic citrus Grapefruit and buttermilk cake, with spicy, herbal chai icing, forms a very unique burst of flavors that you need to taste to believe. Healthy, indulgent and different, this cupcake is a blessing in a dessert for all those who want healthy in everything.

4)   Salmon Cupcakes

Amongst sea-food lovers you’ll easily find those with a thing for something very off-beat and unusual. Also very easy to find are such people among the vast sea of dessert-lovers. And then, you have those who will do just anything to mix this chalk and cheese and create something spectacular, albeit strange. We suggest you try it, just to witness this awesome bake of creativity firsthand and then live to tell the tale.

5)   Fried chicken Cupcakes

To be honest, we’re not surprised even one bit. If there’s salmon cupcake on the menu, how can chicken be too far off? Of course, someone had to do it, much sooner than later.  This cupcake comes with a buttermilk base and friend chicken fillings. Oh and there’s fried chicken on the toppings too. As unusual as this may seem, the cupcake is surprisingly tender with a delightful flavor. The way we see it, it’s a very sneaky way to give KFC a run for its money.

6)   Green tea Cupcakes

A cupcake lush with exotic green tea and soft rich cream cheese frosting; here is one unlikely combination you’ll never quite manage to forget. Where the cream cheese lends its indulgent richness, the green tea balances its bountiful benefits. A perfect amalgam of tasteful splurging and healthy goodness, the green tea cupcake is the calorie-conscious’ delight. With this unique form of Yin-Yang like balance, an enjoyable treat to the palette is sure to be delivered!

7)   Chocolate-bacon Cupcakes

On their own, these two foods have one hell of a religious following. But together, as a cupcake, do the sinful dark chocolate and the delicious bacon, strike a home run? Those who are uninitiated on the wonders of crazy combinations may run miles away in the opposite direction, but well-traveled and well-eaten foodies swear that this cupcake is about as amazing as it is strange. It surely is the one thing you should try out in a lifetime anyway.

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Today’s guest post is contributed by Martha Jackson. She owns a bakery in Melbourne and is renowned for novelty birthday cakes in her locality. An avid blogger, she likes to write and discuss cake recipes on her blog.



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