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All About Caviar and More

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For all those who absolutely are in love with the idea of knowing about the nitty-gritty of the dishes revered by you, here is a detailed document of the past and present of one of the cherished food items across the globe — caviar.

Caviar is nothing but the salted eggs or roe of sturgeon (a fish species), serving as the key ingredient for some of the most relished dishes served out across most parts of the world.

Caviar – a little about its Past

The word “caviar” is derived from the Persian word “Khaviar” meaning “bearing eggs”. Earlier it acted as an appetizer for both the royal classes in the West and the saloons in the Old West. It might as well be said that it derives much of its present value (both in terms of its price and status as a prepared dish) from its exquisite past.

Let us learn something more about it

Types of Caviar

Osetra or the Imperial Caviar: Lets start with the rarest of them all— the golden imperial caviar that renders a distinctly nutty flavor when cooked. The brownish colored egg comes from the sturgeon Acipenser Guldenstaedti, something that might weigh from 40 -160 pounds.

Beluga Caviar: Perhaps the most expensive of them all— this one turns out to be a treat on the plate with its deliciously creamy flavor and impeccably refined texture. Huso Huso the species from which the eggs are derived weigh something around 80-400 pounds.

Sevruga: Acipenser Stellatus is the species from which they are derived and are known for their strong flavors.

The lesser expensive caviar include those from lump fish, salmon caviar, whitefish caviar etc.

Savored Caviar Dishes

Crème Fraiche, Bilinis, Oysters with caviar and cucumber, cream and caviar pasta are some of the most favored dishes consumed  across regions worldwide.

Caviar – Ways to keep them protected

It is better to consume these fishes within a few days of purchasing (preferably three days) as it has often been disputed that caviar is a perishable item. It is better to buy caviar that has been duly refrigerated.

Buy Caviar Online

If you really want to surprise your friends or family by serving up a wonderful caviar dish for them you can jolly well avail online help for the same.

There are a number of sites that will provide you with due facilities. Thus shop around a bit with patience, prudently comparing the prices, and other features offered by the sites. Find out which website provides you more varieties in terms of good quality caviar. Ask your chef friends to chip in with valuable advice. Shopping for caviar online aids you in getting stuff faster than what would have been the case with offline shopping.

To wind up, please make sure that you are adopting the due protective measures for this ingredient (those mentioned above), no matter whatever dish you are preparing.


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