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Avocado Mousse with Shrimps

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The Avocado Mousse with shrimps is a great appetizer for dinner parties or as part of a cold buffet. Prepare them right before you serve them or add some lemon juice into the avocado mousse which prevents it from getting dark.

avocado mousee w shrimps

Ingredients (serves 2) Avocado Mousse with Shrimps
1 medium size, ripe avocado
1 spring onion
8 shrimps, cooked without tail
1/2 tsp mayonnaise, organic
salt, pepper, hint of chili pepper
1/4 tsp Dijon mustard
dill, black pepper
lemon juice (optional)

Cooking Instructions Avocado Mousse with Shrimps
– Cut avocado in half, mash content with a fork in a bowl. Keep the skins.
– slice green onion fine, add to avocado mousse with all spices except dill. Mix well.
– pat shrimp dry with kitchen paper, they need to be room temperature. if you use frozen ones defrost them first and remove any access of water.
– Place avocado mousse into empty skins.
– place 3-4 shrimps on top and sprinkle with dill.
serve with fresh baguette or toasted French Bread.



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