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Breakfast in Wales – A Welsh Tradition

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breakfast in wales welsh traditionTasting the local cuisines is one of the best things about being on vacation – and that starts with the first meal of the day. Few breakfasts out there are more patriotic than the Welsh Breakfast – though it has many similarities to the Full English breakfast, there are a few things that make it distinctly Welsh.

Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in England anymore…

Although Wales has been tied to England since the 13th century and has for the vast majority of that time lived peacefully alongside it, this coastal country has always maintained its own vibrant and unique culture – a tradition that extends to the dinner table.

Breakfast rose to prominence in Great Britain during the Victorian Era, but it wasn’t until much later the fry up took its place as the breakfast of choice. With the rise of tourism in the 1960s, B&Bs up and down the country began serving it as standard, and the famous English fry up evolved into the Ulster Fry, Irish Breakfast, Full Scottish Breakfast and Welsh Breakfast – each featuring regional delicacies, some centuries old. The Welsh breakfast is especially traditional with the inclusion of Laver bread, there is nothing like this to be found in the rest of the country.

So, what’s for breakfast?

Fuel up for a day of exploring with a Welsh breakfast – served at Cardiff hotels all over the city. You can expect to find the best local ingredients on your plate – everything is sourced from Wales.

  • Eggs – from a local farm, served one of four ways.
  • Bacon – it’s gotta be dry cure, organic back bacon. Only the best for breakfast!
  • Mushrooms – again, local, fried to perfection.
  • Blood – if you want some black pudding for breakfast, you can forget it – it’s not Welsh. Some eateries however will serve similar blood pudding, boiled sausages with many of the same ingredients.
  • Oatmeal – a hearty addition not found in the English iteration of the breakfast, it’s steaming hot and filling down to the last bite.
  • Smoked sea trout sewin – Wales has about 1200 km of coastline, so it’s no surprise sea trout is a staple of the Welsh breakfast. It’s light, carefully smoked, and just plain tasty.
  • Laver Bread – As Welsh as it comes. This is hearty seaweed bread mixed with eggs, bacon and cockles, fried into crisp patties and served piping hot. – Buy it online 

So if you are heading to Wales and staying in a Cardiff hotel make sure to check out the breakfast menu to ensure you are getting the full Welsh experience.



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