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Cream Cheese Filled Salmon Rolls

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If you are looking for a special and delicious appetizer you have found the right one! Just get some smoked salmon and make a yummy cream cheese spread that is used to make these little irresistible rolls. It is the perfect finger food for a party, baby shower or as a starter for a special dinner.
You can serve the cream cheese filled salmon rolls on a piece of bread or not. The bread is preferably the German whole grain bread from the German bakery Mestemacher. Wholefoods has also a variety of Bavarian whole grain and rye bread available. This bread makes the little difference. Pumpernickel is not everyone’s taste and if you don’t know this bread, don’t use it. It is almost black and has a specific taste that might be too strong for many people. And when it comes to horse radish we recommend to use one that is all natural and does not contain a lot of sugar, sulfides and the bad ingredient high fructose syrup. It will change the flavor. The best is too grate some fresh horse radish.
If you would use white bread then this appetizer would be too filling. For a party count always 2 or 3 appetizers per person.

cream cheese filled salmon rolls

Ingredients Cream Cheese Filled Salmon Rolls

(makes 6 rolls)
3 oz (85 g) smoked salmon, sliced of 5 inches length
4 tbsp cream cheese, regular
salt, nut meg, black pepper to taste
2 tbsp milk, half and half or heavy cream
1 tbsp chopped dill
1/4 tbsp horse radish
1-2 slices of Bavarian rye bread or pumpernickel

Cooking Instructions
– in a bowl mix cream cheese with milk, use a hand mixer. Mix until the milk and the cream cheese is smooth.
– add spices, horse radish, and chopped dill,  mix well.
– if the spread should be too thick and some more milk, if it is too think add more cream cheese, it needs to be of a spreadable consistency.
– place salmon slices on a board and with a knife spread a layer of cream cheese on top.
– roll each slice.
– cut the bread slices in rectangles, each roll for one rectangle.
– spread  a layer of cream cheese on each rectangle and place a roll on top.