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Cupcakes add some Fun to Celebrations

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It used to be that you only ever saw cupcakes at village fetes or school bake sales. And now we see that cupcakes add some fun to celebrations more than ever!  Suddenly, almost overnight, cupcakes became trendy and fashionable. Instead of munching on small, plain buns with a dollop of icing and a chocolate button, we can now enjoy artistic delights baked with the finest ingredients. Yes, modern cupcakes are a work of art and a worthy successor to the traditional fruitcake or Victoria sponge.



Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes have become an increasingly popular phenomenon. In the past, wedding cakes were either made from sponge or fruit cake. The cake was then covered in a thick layer of royal icing, before being decorated with flowers, small figurines and whatever else the bride wanted. But fashions have changed and many modern brides opt for a large and very decorative tier of cupcakes instead, the idea being that guests can each select a cupcake of their choice. Cupcakes are modern, funky, and they taste fabulous.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A baby shower is to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby. Obviously alcohol is out of the question because the mum-to-be can’t get drunk, but she and her guests can indulge in some delicious cupcakes instead. If you want to take along a gift with a difference, why not order a box of handmade cupcakes? You could even specify that they be finished with blue and pink icing, plus some cute little baby themed decorations.

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Children’s Party Cupcakes

All kids love cupcakes and small children even more so. No children’s party would be complete without a plate of tasty cupcakes. Even the most harassed mums can make cupcakes in less than ten minutes, so whip out your flour, eggs, margarine and sugar and bake some simple cupcakes today. Stick some chocolate flavour icing on the tip and add a few sprinkles—the kids will wolf them down and you can send the little darlings home all hyped up from a sugar overload.

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

For anyone stuck for something special to make mum for Mother’s Day, crafting a plate of cupcakes is an excellent idea. Many mums spend too much time slaving away in the kitchen, cooking meals for the family. Making some pretty cupcakes is a lovely way of saying: “thanks for being a brilliant Mum” and even small kids can have a go at making and decorating the cakes.

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Red is the color of passion and romance. Red roses are a traditional gift on St Valentine’s Day, but if you want to present your loved one with something extra special, make him or her some red velvet cupcakes and decorate them with chocolate love hearts. With a bit of luck your romantic gesture will ensure you have a very enjoyable evening.

Cupcakes are suitable for a multitude of celebratory occasions and, unlike fruit cake, most people love cupcakes. Either make your own cupcakes or order some in from a bakery or bespoke cupcake company, and then sit back and watch your guests start salivating at the sight of all that yummy cake and sugar.





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