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Hawaiian Coffee with a piece of cake

Royal Kona Coffee

Curation Policy

At we value excellent content for every visitor who stops by and is interested in cooking recipes. Curation means: Finding good, well-written, and highly relevant material for our readers.
The original internet itself was created on the foundation of linking, sharing, and recommending good content from other sources on the web. is using this spirit and will often curate or excerpt content from top quality sources on the internet.

How does this go?

If we would choose excerpt content from your site then this means that we are NOT copying the content. We are giving it our vote of approval PLUS we also give it our highest recommendation, and we encourage our readers to view your content on your website with a direct link back to your source material. We only make an excerpt. If a visitor wants to see the whole recipe he/she must visit YOUR SITE.

The curation is designed to send our visitors to your site so you get new visitors exposed to your high quality content. This means more visitors for you and if you run ads, this will show in monetizing.

In other words: We curated your content because it was “outstanding” in a certain way.

IMPORTANT: If you wish us not to curate content from your web site, simply contact us, and request your recipe or article be removed. Within 24 hours your content will be deleted and no more content will be listed from your website.

We have found out that the most publishers and website owners are very happy to receive additional exposure and readership for their content as a result of our curation, and they like the fact that we curate their excerpt content.

Our Curation Policy:

The Most online publishers recognize the value of having their stories and articles:

– quoted
– commented on
– discussed
– linked to or
have new readers exposed to their articles.

Social sharing of good content does in fact extend its reach and traffic levels, and ultimately the profit of the original publisher’s website.

We are ONLY excerpting your content to inform our visitors, so they will be directed to the original source of the excerpt.

We want our readers to discover and visit YOUR content, and YOUR website. We want you to be more than pleased that we quoted, referenced or utilized your content.

The so-called “Fair Use” standards, practices, and legal decisions are still evolving online. We like to think our standards are  in any case higher than the strictly legal interpretation of fair use.

We strive for “Elated Use.”

If you are not elated to be excerpted and linked to by our site, we will immediately remove the content with all links and text.just let

We excerpt your content the exact same way we hope others will curate our content.

On the other side if you like a recipe on, feel free to excerpt it.
In return just give us a clear credit, in form of a link back to the original page on our site, and some encouragement for interested readers to visit our original web page.

You can take as much of our content as you think your readers will like to read. Just link, credit, and encourage the reader to visit the original site.

That is what does. We have on Pinterest a followership of 10.2K. You will benefit from this connection when your recipe is listed on our website.
Nowadays it is all about social sharing. We love to share because it is beneficial for everyone. Just keep this policy in mind

Important Note:

The internet, Google, Yahoo and so on is not standing still and never will be. It is a flowing and moving process with changing situations. We always keep this in mind.

Let us know when
– we should maybe use more excerpts from your website, or
– you feel your recipe has had too much excerpted.

You communication will be always answered and we act right away.

Pleas use use our contact form if you have questions, queries or anything else that you thin k is important for us to know.

Other user generated content is also following the curation guidelines.

For all copyright issues please read our DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy.