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Discover the Real German Apple Strudel

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If you want to discover the “real apple strudel” then this is the recipe to try! The real apple strudel is made out of a dough that is so thin, that you can see through and can read a letter on the other side! The original apple strudel comes from Austria and has become so popular that it gets copied all over the world. But these copies are sometimes not the real thing! If you are into baking and a little experienced you should try this recipe.

german apple strudel

Ingredients Authentic Apple Strudel

For the Dough:
250g flour
1 pinch salt
1 egg
20g butter
some warm water

For the Filling:
1,5 kg apples such as Gala
80 g bread crumbs (natural, no spices)
125 g organic cane sugar  (no coconut sugar, it makes the dough dark)
65 g organic raisins
65 g chopped or ground almonds
1 package vanilla sugar from Dr Oetker – How to make Vanilla Sugar Recipe –
cinnamon to taste
40 g sweet, unsalted butter
1 tbsp organic lemon zest n(grate the skin from an organic lemon)
1/8 l heavy cream
wooden baking board or a firm surface to prepare and make the dough

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