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The Famous and Easy Butter Cake Recipe

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It is not difficult to make delicious cakes! One of these cakes is an easy Butter Cake originally from Germany but you will have the American measures. It is a top notch cake indeed and has become so popular in the world of cake recipes. Even baking beginners can be successful with this cake.

easy butter cake

Ingredients Easy Butter Cake

some unsalted butter for the baking tray
250 g heavy cream – 1 cup
4 eggs
200 g unsalted butter – 2 sticks
1 Package baking powder  – 0.5oz
0.32 oz or 1 package Vanilla Sugar (eg. from Dr. Oetker)  – How to Make Vanilla Sugar –
4 tbsp milk
250 g sliced almonds – 8.8oz
1 pinch salt
400 g flour – 3 1/3 cups
300 g sugar – 1 1/4 cup (if you like the cake sweeter use 500g or 2 cups; the original recipe is suing this amount, a bit too sweet for my taste)

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