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Filled Chicken Breast with Ham – Dinner Idea

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The filled chicken breasts with ham is after a German recipe which we especially liked as it contains dried tomatoes, basil and pine nuts! Each chicken breast is wrapped in prosciutto. We recommend the prosciutto from Trader Joe’s or any Italian ham that is air dried. Delicious! or “Lecker” as they say in Germany. The German cuisine is not just Sauerkraut and Bratwurst. The contemporary German dishes are just heavenly! Try this one out and you will love it!

filled chicken breasts ham

Ingredients Filled Chicken Breasts Ham

4 chicken breasts, each150-175 g, organic
12 slices prosciutto or any air dried ham
16 sage leaves
salt and pepper to taste
some butter

8 dried tomatoes, chopped
8 basil leaves, fresh
4 tbsp pine nuts, roasted
1 shallot, chopped and briefly sauteed in butter
100 ml heavy cream
1 tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions Filled Chicken Breast Ham

– add all ingredients for the filling into a blender or into a high bowl and using a stick mixer, puree very fine; you should get a firm filling.
– spice chicken breast with salt and pepper one each side.
– carefully with a sharp knife cut a pocket at one side of the chicken breast; fill it with the filling.
– place on each side a sage leave.
– place each chicken breast on 3 slices of ham which should be slightly overlapping.
– wrap the ham around the chicken breast tightly (the ham slices should long enough, size: about 9-10 inches.
– slightly press the ham onto chicken breasts. Watch out that the filling won’t flow out of the pocket.
– melt butter in a skillet and roast chicken breast briefly on each side. Turn them very carefully, the ham should not fall off.
– place them on a baking tray layered with parchment paper.
– cook them 12-15 min (depending on thickness of the breasts) on 350 F, turn them one time.
The chicken breasts are done when the meat is still juicy. A long baking time will make the meat dry and tough.
You can cut each chicken breast in half which makes it easier to turn them.

Side dishes:
– Mixed vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower) with potato wedges.

– Colored peppers sauteed in olive oil. Place the vegetable in a big enough bowl, cut the chicken breasts in 3 parts and place them on top of the vegetable.