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Cooking with Julia Childs

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Healthy Zucchini Tomato Stew – Vegan Vegetarian Delight

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To cook vegetarian or vegan does not have to be complicated! More and more people choose a meatless diet, so if you are into this diet, this dish will become for sure one of your favorites! The zucchini tomato stew is super healthy and is the best when using organic ingredients. Get the tomatoes and zucchinis fresh from the Farmers market or grow them in your own garden!

healthy zucchini tomato stew

Ingredients Healthy Zucchini Tomato Stew

3 small sized zucchini (organic)
1 medium onion
4-5 fresh tomatoes
6 smaller potatoes
olive oil
2 smaller carrots
1 tsp vegetable instant broth, organic – How to make Vegetable broth –
salt, pepper, mild paprika to taste
Italian herb mix, fresh or dry (thyme, marjoram, oregano) to taste

Cooking Instructions Healthy Zucchini Tomato Stew

Peel onions and potatoes and chop fine.
Chop onions, cut potatoes in small cubes.
Cut carrots, and zucchinis in small cubes as well.
Bring water to a boil. Place tomatoes into the hot water. Let sit for 2-3 min. Peel them.
Cut tomatoes in small pieces.
Heat olive oil, fry onions, then add potatoes, tomatoes and carrots.
Spice with instant broth, salt, pepper, paprika and herbs to taste
Cover the pot, let simmer until potatoes are soft, then add zucchini.
The stew is done when zucchini are soft.

Serve with fresh bread!




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