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How to Make Mascarpone for Tiramisu

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If you want to make the Italian dessert Tiramisu you need mascarpone. Today find out How to make Mascarpone – it is so easy. If you cannot find it in your local super market, you might have no choice to make it at home.

Make Mascarpone Tiramisu

What is Mascarpone?
Mascarpone is an ingredients from Italy that is an Italian cheese which is made out of heavy cream only.  This is the reason why mascarpone is so creamy. It adds the right richness to a dessert (in this case it is better not to think about calories and diets). Mascarpone is used in Italian desserts such as the known and popular Italian dessert Tiramisu.

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Ingredients How to Make Mascarpone Tiramisu

1 l heavy cream
1/4 tsp lemon citric acid or cream of tartar (you can use tartaric acid, citric acid, or even lemon juice)

Cooking Instructions How to Make Mascarpone

Heat the heavy cream to 75 F (use thermometer).
Add creme of tartar or citric (dissolve it in some water); the cream will clot.
Stir for 10 minutes, then pour the clotted cheese on a cotton fabric or a cheesecloth; turn the ends so the whey will strain.
When the cheese is firm spread it into small containers.