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Potato Burgers – Mashed Potatoes Left Over Recipe

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What do you do with mashed potatoes left overs? Well, you make potato burgers the next day. It is that easy – a fast and easy recipe. The mashed potatoes will become a new side dish that is great with a salad such as lettuce or mixed greens, a steak or roasted chicken breast.

potato burgers

Ingredients Potato Burgers

(serves 2-3)
enough mashed potatoes to make 4-5 burgers
1 egg
bread crumbs, natural
chopped parsley or a light herb mix (optional)
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste
butter and olive oil

Cooking Instructions Potato Burgers
– beat the egg in a soup plate.
– place breadcrumbs on a plate.
– take the mashed potatoes and form small burgers.
– turn the burgers first in the egg then in the bread crumbs.
– pat them lightly or form them again into shape.
– heat butter in a skillet and add a splash of olive oil so the butter won’t get brown.
– fry the burgers first on one side until golden brown, then turn them carefully and fry on the other side (don’t turn them too early, they will fall apart)

Serve the potato burgers with tomato sauce – Find the authentic Italian Recipe here – or some meat of your choice.