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Potato Quorn Stew

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The potato Quorn stew is a dish that needs a little supervision when making, but comes out great in the end; great taste and a delight for the vegetarian household.

quorn potato stew

Ingredients Potato Quorn Stew
5 Potatoes
1 package ground Quorn
3 tomatoes
2 onions
Pataks curry paste
Mint jelly
Salt, Olive oil

Cooking Instructions Potato Quorn Stew
In lasagne bowl cut vegetables into medium sided cubes and toss them together
Add coconut milk, curry paste, mint jelly, turmeric, salt,Olive oil..
Add water to just cover the vegetables and mix well all ingredients
Cover with foil paper and bake at 180 C or 375 F for an hour until potatoes are cooked.

Meanwhile in a pan add olive oil, saute mince and season it lightly. When cooked mix with the rest of the dish.

Serve with rice, bread, or enjoy it plain.

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