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Red Chili Pepper – The Secret Ingredient

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Have you ever wondered, why red chili is a favorite in your mother’s or grandmother’s recipe? We’ll tell you things you may not know about chili powder.

Chili Powder, made out of the red chili pepper, is a widely used spice, and a secret and essential ingredient of every grandmother’s recipe. Despite being tart, why is it still used in our food? The answer is simple. Its benefits are several. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of chili Powder.

Vitamin A: A tablespoon of chili contains 2,224 IU of vitamin A. This amounts to 44.5% of the total quantity needed by the body. Vitamin A is used by the body to maintain eyesight and checking over the health of teeth, skin, and bones by the supplying sufficient vitamins to grow strong.

Vitamin C: A tablespoon of chili powder accounts to about 4.8mg, which is 8% of total Vitamin C intake your body needs. Your body uses antioxidants to fight internal injury from free essentials, which are unbalanced molecules shaped during the energy formation method that can augment your danger of developing injurious health conditions like cancer and heart disease.
chili pepper plant

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Did you know: – Why are chilies tart? Chilis are tart because of the alkaloid compounds: Capsanthin, Capsaicin, and Capsorubin.

Below is the measure of vitamins and minerals in 100g of Chilli.

230% of Vitamin-C

37% of Vitamin B-6

30% of Vitamin A,

12% of Iron,

11% of Copper,

6% of Potassium

Red Chili Powder is a mixture of dried chilies, cumin, garlic, and oregano. In some cases, use of coriander, cloves or pepper may even be included. In dried red chilies lie nutritional and medicinal benefits, which have scientific evidences. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Used in Cooking
Just a pinch of red chilli can leave ecstatic flavor in your food. Some of the Indian recipes are incomplete without red chilies. It is slowly and deliciously taking its place in the U.S. Barbeque Sauces, Chili and Mexican Moles make use of red chilies these days.

Geographical Data
It is a well known fact that whole red chilli is the most commonly used spice in India. Ancient India boasts of red chilli as a cure to upset stomach, menstrual cramps, malaria, and motion sickness.

They contain vitamins and minerals like Vitamin – C, Vitamin- B, Vitamin- A, Iron, Copper, and Potassium etc. The beta carotene, a form of Vitamin- A, has the same amount of nutritional value as in different vegetables and fruits.

Medicinal Benefits
An alkaloid compound, capsaicin, found in red chilli is known to decrease the intensity of pain. It has to be applied directly on the skin.

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