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Sandwich Origin – Where does the Sandwich come from?

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The Sandwich Origin – Learn where it comes from

Sandwiches are one of the most popular snacks and it had been for years. The origin is however not known to many. Some guess that it started way back in the early World War I, when common people were mostly dependent on dough and had a number of staple morning food and snacks from it. The working class were all dependent on the staple food and the ones like bagels and sandwiches have existed and survived since then. It became popular to the extent of being used in grammar as both a verb and noun. For example, there was no place to sit and he was sandwiched between two.

The origin of the sandwich, that is the most popular snack not only for Americans, goes back to the middle of the 1700s, when John Montagu, an English nobleman ordered a waiter for some roasted beef pressed between two slices of bread. He did so, as he was too busy gambling and wanted to continue with it while catering to his appetite. It all had started since then and have continued. The idea of bread slices was due to the nobleman being reluctant to use greased fingers (from the roasted beef) while playing with the cards.

This noble man was the fourth Earl of Sandwich, so the name has been used to create this simple but delicious food creation.
Sandwich was probably the name of a village and literally means sandy place or village on sand. Though John Montagu’s name is connected with Sandwich, he may however have belonged to some other place and the village or place could have been related indirectly to him.

sandwich origin

A Different Story

However, some differ from this story and represent another which talks of a certain Jewish sage named Hillel the Elder, who wrapped some meat and herb between two old Matzah, i.e. flat breads. This perhaps was the very first recipe of what later was the most staple food for the western countries. Flat breads have been often popularly used for carrying small amounts food and this is how the idea of stuffing different food between two slices of bread originated and continued.

Varieties of sandwiches

Sandwiches are available in different flavors and stuffing as people have been always wanting to come up with something for their personal choice and have something different. You have a variety to choose from starting with the regular cheese and chicken sandwiches to the Mexican and Mediterranean or Middle Eastern sandwiches which consist of lentils, roasted meat and dressed with salads and yogurt.

sandwich origin

Popular among all the types are the clubhouse sandwiches or club sandwiches in which the breads are roasted. Hamburgers, hotdogs have all descended from this snack. Hamburgers are one of the most popular and hugely served fast food in the western countries. Tomatoes, onions, lettuces are the ones that are commonly used in any type of sandwich. Submarine, hoagies, etc. are some of the types which are of American descent with a hint of Italian.





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