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Six Interesting Snacks from around the World

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Very often it is not until you travel around the world before you comprehend the vast differences in popular food snacks. Some snacks are extremely tasty, whilst others require more than an acquired taste. Many of these local snacks can be picked up in any of the supermarkets; however, some will need to be purchased from local street vendors.

This blog post will take a look at six interesting snacks available from around the world to excite your taste buds.

United Kingdom

Anyone who has visited the UK will be probably be very familiar with the popular dish of fish and chips. Once reserved as the staple Friday meal, fish and chips are still as popular as ever.

Cod remains the most fashionable fish to eat; however, plaice and haddock have an extremely strong following. It is hard to visit a UK high street on a Friday evening without seeing a healthy queue forming at the local fish and chip restaurant.

It would seem that many customers favor waiting for their fish to be freshly fried. Whilst this adds to the waiting time, it helps to deliver an even better taste. Other accompaniments to this classic British mean include battered sausages and fish-cakes.


One of the most popular snacks in Thailand comes in the form of the Durian fruit. Similar in size to a melon, but with a thorn covered husk, these fruits have an extremely strong odor once opened. So much so that many hotels and other public places have actually gone so far as banning them. Warning signs on most public transport systems are common place, in the same way that people are banned from smoking or taking flammable items.

Thankfully the fruit itself tastes milder than it smells. If this wasn’t the case then there would surely be very few people that would try to taste it.


Another popular snack from the South East Asia area comes from Cambodia. This certainly won’t be to everyone’s liking as it contains Tarantula spiders.

The insects are deep fried until their legs go stiff. At this point a range of condiments are added, anything from garlic to MSG seems to be an appropriate addition to this scary snack.

biltong meat snack

South Africa

Raw fillets of meat combined with various spices and flavors to form this extremely popular snack from South Africa. Traditionally beef and game fillets are used to produce Biltong; however, some commercial farms produce an ostrich variant. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Black pepper
  • Coriander
  • Salt
  • Brown sugar

It is produced in a similar way to that of jerky, but a different taste is achieved by combining these and other spices.

USA, Canada and Spain

Rocky Mountain Oysters can be found in parts of the USA, Canada and even Spain. However, despite their seafood sounding name there is nothing of a fish nature in this snack. The testicles of bulls are used in this interesting snack.

Once the testicles are peeled they are then coated in flour and a range of seasonings. They are then deep-friend and served with a dipping sauce, usually as an appetizer.


The final snack in this selection comes again from South East Asia. The snack of Sannakji can be found when visiting Korea.

To prepare this dish, the chef will take a live baby octopus and chop it up into several small pieces. Seasoning is then added along with sesame seeds and oil. The dish is then served immediately. Because the dish is served so quickly there are very often small sections of the octopus that still wriggle on the plate. Caution should be heeded when eating as many of the tentacles suction cups may still be operating, chewing thoroughly is definitely advised.

* Jasmin Blunt is a writer who recommends trying snacks and food from different areas of the world to excite your taste buds. Biltong is popular snack from South Africa which is readily available in most countries from common suppliers.

photo source common wikipedia



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