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3 Special Restaurants in Lima Peru

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Peru is increasingly becoming popular all the time, the tourist industry is booming and as such the area is popular with holiday makers. One thing you are going to need to know if you are going to be visiting the area is where the best restaurants in Lima, Peru are.

Lima is not only the capital of Peru; it is the food capital of South America! Lima is an amazing place to grab a bite to eat and to have fun. If you are going to be in the capital then you have to dine in at least one of the Lima restaurants there. Whether you go wild for the gourmet delights of Italy or Mexico you are sure to find the region of food to suit your taste in Lima. Take a look now at the short list below of the best restaurants in Lima, Peru.

Astrid & Gaston
restaurants in Lima Peru

Once ranked in the top 50 best restaurants in the world, Astrid & Gaston serves up traditional Peruvian cuisine. Lima restaurants do not come much better than this establishment, with a world class chef, Astrid & Gaston will serve you up a real Peruvian treat. The freshest ingredients are used in there excellent menu which combines tradition with contemporary, any of the dishes on the menu are show to awaken your taste buds and make you glad that you chose Peru for your visit.

Antica Pizzeria

This rustic, traditionally decorated restaurant is the place to go if you want Italian cuisine. This Lima restaurants specialties are traditional Italian pizzas, homemade fresh pastas and the most delicious calzones. The calzones are all made to order and are definitely big enough to share, enabling you and who you are dining with to chose a number of items from the menu in order to mix and match. There really is no better Italian dining experience in Lima, this is one of the Lima restaurants which offers a taste of tradition at very reasonable prices.

The Burrito Bar

As the name suggests, this top class Mexican restaurant serves up the most satisfying Burritos in the whole of Peru. Not just satisfied in serving up amazing burritos, this top class Lima restaurants specialties are also tacos and quesadillas. As you would expect from any Mexican cuisine, all of the ingredients are fresh meaning that you are offered the most superb tasting salsas and meats to stuff your burritos with! You will definitely smell this place before you see it, the aroma of all the fresh ingredients and mouth watering food will literally pull you to the Burrito Bar just like a magnet. This is the only place to go in Lima if you want to satisfy your craving for Mexican food.

In Summary:

These are only 3 of the best restaurants in Lima, Peru, there are far too many other fine dining establishments to mention here, the best thing you can do is to discover these gems for yourself. If you are into fine dining, fresh ingredients and an amazing atmosphere then Lima is the place for you in order to satisfy your taste buds.

This article is written by Julio Gonzalo who helps to manage Comer Latino. A restaurant and review guide for Peru and the Latin American region.



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