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Cooking with Julia Childs

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Supplies a Beginner Baker Must Have

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Baking is a beautiful skill to hone and a miraculous art to master. To create something that is sure to bring bright smiles on every person’s face, to be the creator of sweet aromas that intoxicate everyone, and to lovingly put together something that looks good too, is nothing short of a gift. This probably explains why everyone is so fascinated with the lovely art of baking.

Newbie bakers, we know how difficult it is to successfully pull off one baking session without making the kitchen look like a tornado happened right in the middle of it. But, the key to impeccably perfect baking lies in perfect tools. We give you the ultimate checklist to stock your arsenal to its full potential.

 measure spoons

Measuring spoons: When you’re in the nascent stages of baking, trial and error isn’t a risk you want to take. Accuracy brings confidence and a higher success rate. This is why you need measuring spoons. You basically need just four spoons- ¼ t., ½ t., 1 t and 1 tbsp. Buy metal spoons, and don’t forget to make sure that the measurements are engraved on the metal.

Measuring cups: Measuring cups are needed for ingredients like flour, milk, oil, butter etc. Go for stainless steel cups with engraved markings, since they’re easy to read, clean and look quite sleek too. Again, for measuring cups you need four different sizes- 250 ml ( 1 cup), 125 ml (½ cup), 80 ml (1/3 cup) and 60 ml (1/4 cup). Get your hands on a set of nesting cups, since they’re space-saving and save you the time and trouble of hunting for a specific cup.

mixing bowls

Mixing bowl: For obvious reasons. Mixing is the most important part of the whole baking process. It decides how your cake turns out to be. This is why it’s essential to get the mixing right. And this is why it is important to have a mixing bowl that helps you do it right. While there are no specific dimensions for this, you have to make sure your bowl is sufficiently wide and deep, so things are not spilling out of it every time you try to whip. Avoid plastic bowls, stick to steel or glass.

Spatula: Be it for cakes or cookies, the batter has quite a talent for stubbornness. But, one of the golden commandments of baking is, “Thou shall not waste any batter”. And using spoons or fingers just makes the cleaning up a whole lot messier. Use a spatula, a sturdy one at that. They do a fabulous job at scraping every last bit of the batter off the bowl, and also help you smooth it out nicely.

Pans: A stainless steel jellyroll pan is an absolute must-have. Aside from that, you’ll need an 8 inch cake pan.In addition to standard pans, you might want to stock up on muffin tins and cookie trays too, you know, in case you want to start small. And stick to non-stick, please.

parchment paperParchment paper: Parchment paper is an instant solution to most baking problems, especially ones involving greasing and cleaning up. It can also double up as a piping bag for frosting and liner for muffin tins and cupcakes.

Heat-resistant mitts: In the middle of the chaos and rush to get things in order and save the cake from getting burnt, don’t forget safety! If you intend to continue baking for the many years to come, invest in a pair of heat-resistant mitts. Wear it while handling the oven and the pans. And invest in really high-quality stuff to ensure maximum protection.

While this may not instantly shoot you to Martha Stewart status, it surely ensures smooth and successful baby steps. So, grab your apron and mitts, and get baking!

About the Author
The author of this post, Amy Jackson, is a part of the team at Sugartree, a company that provides cake decorating supplies. She has a keen interest in baking and enjoys sharing her ideas via blogging.



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