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Tofu Potato Gratin

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The Tofu Potato Gratin is a great dish that is perfect for a vegetarian dinner. It is easy to make as well. I am always using organic ingredients which I buy on the farmers market. The dish cn be varied with seasonal vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower.

tofu potato gratin

Ingredients (serves 4) Tofu Potato Gratin
5-6 medium size potatoes
2 leek
6 baby zucchini
6 medium size carrots
350 g firm natural tofu (one package)
1 small onion
sunflower oil to fry onions and tofu
salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, nutmeg to taste
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp chopped parsley

Cooking Instructions Tofu Potato Gratin
– peel potatoes, cut them in small cubes; place in some water with salt and boil them until soft.
– prepare carrots and slice or cut them in small cubes: in some water boil them until semi soft.
– prepare leek and cut in slices, chop onion fine.
– slice baby zucchini and boil them together with carrots.
– cut tofu in small cubes and marinade them in soy sauce that is spiced with cayenne pepper and black pepper. Marinade them for at least 10 min.
– heat some sunflower oil and saute onions and leek for 3 min.
– fry the tofu cubes or if you don’t want to fry them mash them with a fork,
– when the potatoes are done mash them in a bowl and mix them with the carrots.
– place the eek-onion mix on the bottom of a fire proof pan.
– add 3-4 tbsp soy milk or if you like some heavy cream or soy cream (unflavored). Spice to taste.
– mix well, then add the tofu (cubes or mashed).
– place it on top of leek; sprinkle with chopped parsley.
– bake in oven on 375 F for about 30 min until the surface is slightly browning.